Year-End Award Standings

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Here are the year-end award standings as of March 22, 2021. This includes all shows up through the March 2021 show. There are four remaining shows in the season (April, May two-day show, June). For those of you who are new to gymkhana or new to our club, here’s how we calculate year-end awards. 1. Rider must have registered as a Mudslingers member and be a CGA member in good standing. 2. Rider must complete 7 Mudslingers shows. If a rider hasn’t completed at least 3 shows by this point in the season, there won’t be enough shows for the rider to complete 7 by the end of the season. 3. Rider or rider’s family must volunteer at shows. Note – if you haven’t been volunteering, please report to the show secretary desk at the next show to get in your volunteer hours. 4. In the past, we required riders to sell $100 of raffle tickets by the end of the season. We’re trying to forgo that practice this season by having the board fund raise instead. The donations made by various families toward awards has greatly helped! Also of note: 1. If your horse was lame and you had to use a different horse for a show, we combine your points from both mounts. You’ll see that noted in the document. 2. You earn your year-end awards in the division in which you have the most points. This means, for example, if you have 140 points in Division AA and recently bumped to AAA, where you have 70 points, currently we will list your placement in Division AA. If, by the end of the season, your AAA points exceed your AA points, then you’d be placed in the AAA year-end award category. 3. Everyone on this list who meets the eligibility requirements will receive a year-end award. While Leadliners are not listed (because we don’t rank them), they are also eligible for year-end awards. 4. While some clubs list year-end award standings after every show, the Mudslingers have made a conscious decision not to do so. Our aim is to keep riders focused on riding, improving and having fun vs. competing against one another. We value our culture and make certain decisions to preserve it. Mudslingers Year-End Award Standings 2020-2021