Volunteer Program

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Remember that each Mudslingers club member who wants to be eligible for a year-end award must average TWO SHIFTS PER SHOW. You can sign up for the June 18th show using the table below. Thank you!   Here’s a list of Mudslingers members and the number of volunteer credits you have accumulated thus far, as of the June 4, 2022 show. To qualify for Mudslingers year-end awards, in addition to completing six shows, each rider must have at least 2 volunteer shifts per show. At the end of the season, we take your total number of volunteer shifts and divide that by the number of shows you rode. That number must be 2 or higher. This view is not split in two: the first half = riders who have met their volunteer requirements for the season, the second half = riders who still need to meet their requirements. If you volunteered at the June 4, 2022 show and don’t see that reflected, please contact one of the board members. By the way, if you signed up to volunteer for Figure 8 Stake or Hurry-Scurry ahead of time, we gave you credit even though we didn’t complete those patterns.