Volunteer Program

Gymkhana Events

Remember that each Mudslingers club member who wants to be eligible for a year-end award must average TWO SHIFTS PER SHOW.

You can sign up for the next show using the link below. Thank you!


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Volunteer “Vocabulary”:

First Half Volunteers- will volunteer for the first half of the runs during the show. Typically first half would be from Start of the pattern-Bottom of A riders.

Second Half Volunteers- would be from Bottom of A riders until the end of the pattern.

Volunteer Positions:

Gate keeper: Will have to go to the announcers booth to grab the clipboard with the list of riders names in order (if you are a second half gate keeper, you can get the clipboard for the first half gate keeper). Head over to the gate for the pattern that is assigned to you. Announce the next three riders, while one rider is in the arena. It is often very hard to hear while in line. Making sure the next three riders are “on deck” makes the show go much faster. Riders should be “one in/and one out.” Therefore as one rider is exiting the next rider is entering. Gate keepers needs to latch the gate while the rider in the arena is riding. Do NOT unlatch the gate until the rider shows full control of the horse. If a rider doesn’t show up to the gate for their ride, shout out at the announcer that they are not present/ready for their ride. Most of the time the judge will have the next rider come in and the missing rider can make up their ride at a later time during the same pattern. Please bring clipboard back to the announcers booth after your shift.

Arena Setting: Please enter the arena at the start of the pattern. Stand near the delineators or the arena fence, but NOT by the gate. Do not stand behind the barrels or poles that are nearest the fence/delineators. Give the rider as much room as possible. You do not want to be in the line of fire should a rider turn around an object wide. Be sure to put any fallen barrel/pole/speed ball cone/etc on the correct chalk line. If you are ever uncertain if an object is in the right place or position; please ask your judge.

Time Writer: Head to the announcer booth, and find the timers for the pattern you are assigned. There will be two time writers per pattern. Be sure to write the full time on the sheet of paper, and be sure it is next to the correct rider. Should a rider knock over a barrel/pole etc. please write the time displayed on the time screen with the addition of the penalty points, then write +2 or +4 (or however many penalty points they accumulated) on the penalties line. If the judge gives the call that the rider got a “no time” please write in the time on the clock, cross it out, and write “NT” in the penalties space. If the timer stops working, please be sure to say something to the judge or announcer immedietly. If you notice any discrepancies regarding the times you are writing; ie: the wrong time is written next to the wrong rider; say something to the judge or announcer as soon as you can. For further information, you can watch this video on how to be a timewriter.

Announcer:Announce each rider that is entering the arena, and the next 3 riders that will be going after them. Announce each rider and their time: Be watching the judge for any cues and + penalties. If the judge holds up 2 fingers and says “plus 2.” You may announce the riders time with the penalty. For example: “that was a good ride johnny, with a plus 2 making your time a 14.532” Be sure that the judge gives a time or a thumbs up after the rider has ran the pattern before you announce the riders time. Please say the rider’s time more than once. If the judge says “Not Time”, you will need to announce the riders name, and announce that they have recieved a no time. For example: ” I am so sorry Johnny, that was a no time”.

If a rider falls off during a run please announce to other riders in the arena to stop their horses or for gate keepers to keep the gates closed.