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Here are some resources that we hope will be helpful for you!

Mudslingers Orientation Presentation: An overview of gymkhana, CGA and our club, including how divisions and year-end awards work.

Time Writing Tutorial: A video tutorial on how to be an excellent time writer!

CGA Website: Where you can find CGA forms, rule books and information guides and check the status of your CGA membership and year-end awards.

CGA Membership Application: Needs to be renewed annually and is good for 12 months from the date of application/renewal.

CGA Year-End Awards Application: We highly recommend that if you’re planning to apply for year-end awards that you do so at the beginning of the season. CGA will start counting pattern time at 60 days prior to the day you submitted and paid for your year-end awards application. Therefore, if you submit on November 30, CGA will include times from September 30 forward through the end of the season.

CGA Year-End Awards Matrix: This will help you track horse & riders times to determine what year-end award they may qualify for.

CGA Rider Times and Divisions Matrix: A handy tool for understanding your division placement.

CGA 13 Events Diagram: A visual representation of each of the 13 CGA patterns. This is a good tool for setting up patterns to practice.

Mudslinger Facebook Page: Follow our Facebook page for updates, show photos, and more!

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