Poles 1 Relay Race – May 2023 Two-Day Show

Gymkhana Events

Hey Mudslingers!

We’re planning to host a Poles 1 team relay race instead of ribbon races at the May two-day show. Here’s how it works:

  1. Each team has five members (whoever you choose–skill levels can vary).
  2. One member does the Poles 1 pattern down and back. When that person crosses the timer, the next member goes. This continues until the fifth rider has completed the pattern.
  3. Once a pole is knocked down, it stays down. If you ride the course after a teammate has knocked down a pole, you still have to weave the pole bases as though all poles were standing or receive a no-time/disqualification.
  4. At the end of five team members running, the judge tallies the number of penalties (2 seconds per pole down).
  5. All five team members’ times are added up, plus penalties. The team with the lowest combined time/score wins.

Prizes will be modest — this is more for fun than prizes — but we will have some prizes available for the winning team.

The cost to enter is $10 per person / $50 per team. Please register below and be sure to include your team name.

Note that a single rider can participate on multiple teams. Also, the same team can run twice if they run under two different team names and pay entry fees for both teams.