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Hi Mudslingers – Just select your registration type below and add it to your PayPal Cart. You can pay for multiple riders at once if desired. Or, if you have an atypical registration, let us know and we’ll send you a custom invoice.

Note: For the two-day show, if you already paid for one of the shows that got rained out, you ONLY need to pay for the Saturday of the two-day show (patterns, jackpots, grounds fee), because you’ve already paid for a six-pattern show day. If you do both jackpots, your total, including 2.5% convenience fee, grounds fee, and patterns, will be $67.14.

Number of Patterns

Grounds Fees – 1 or 2 Days:

Number of Mystery Jackpots



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Below is for one-day shows only (April and May 2019).

One-Day Show