November Two-Day Show Online Payment

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Hi Mudslingers – Here’s how to pay for your November two-day show. Select the number of patterns (13 for a full show, 7 for Saturday only, 6 for Sunday only) and be sure to select the right option re: whether you’re a Mudslingers member (discounted rates) or non-member.

Next, choose how many jackpots you’ll be entering. There will be two mystery jackpots on Saturday and two on Sunday.

Then, select your grounds fees–$10 for one day or $20 for both days of the show.

If you’re planning to camp, you can pay the $10 per night per family/camp site.

That’s it for the two-day show. If you’d like to pay for a membership, either CGA or Mudslingers or both, please see the final purchase options.

Note that PayPal will add a 2.5% “tax.” This is not a state or local tax but the amount we collect to offset our PayPal fees.

Thanks and see you at the show!


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Grounds Fees:

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Camping for the November Two-Day Show:

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Stall Rentals for the November Show:

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