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January 2018 News

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January 30, 2018

Hi Mudslingers —

Great job at the show on Saturday! We have some news and updates and wanted to share highlights of Sunday’s board meeting, below. Let us know if you have questions. The best way to contact us is by sending a message on Facebook or calling Stephanie or Sara (their phone numbers are posted in Contact Us on our website).


News & Updates:

January Show:
– We had three new riders who became members at our January show. Welcome Bry, Cayla and Randi! Our club continues to grow.
– High Point and Reserve winners were: AAA – Jenn, Romy; AA – Jessica, Malia; A – Luke, Allie; FC – Sophie, Stephanie
– We observed that not all riders volunteered. Sara will be tallying up volunteer hours to date and we will post these, so people know where they stand. We are asking riders to volunteer for half a pattern for two patterns per show. We also have ongoing volunteer positions open (such as volunteer coordinator), so please ask a member of the board if you are interested. We will also be offering volunteer opportunities to Bonsall High School students, as they have to complete community service hour requirements and Mudslingers is a non-profit.
– Either 22 or 23 riders registered BEFORE the show, online, for the January show, which made remaining registrations on Saturday morning much easier. Thank you!

February Show:
– Saturday, February 10, 9 am at Stenerson
– Patterns: Big T, Keyhole, Poles 1, Quadrangle, Single Stake, Speed Barrels; Jackpots are Keyhole and Poles 1
– We are planning to run Hurry Scurry at both the May and June shows. We are looking into prices for Hurry Scurry equipment and are also looking into borrowing from another club for these two shows; we have either purchased or board members have donated funds to purchase almost all of the equipment needed for our club (including the timer), and all that remains is Hurry Scurry. Still, we may borrow as we are trying to keep the remainder of all revenues for monthly and year-end prizes.
– Snack Shack at the February event will include chili. Sara is practicing for the annual chili cook-off she competes in in March. She will want feedback, as last year she came in second and now she’s in it to win it. Chili will be offered in addition to our normal BBQ offerings at the February show.
– Christine will become show secretary as of the February show, as she has been managing most of the online registrations. Stephanie will not ride at the February show, to train Christine in being show secretary. We believe this will still give Christine time to take photos at the show.
– Aiden will become BBQ chef (trained by Todd Benton) for future shows.
– We will be creating and selling more bumper stickers at the February show; sorry we ran out at the January show.
– The pop-ups at the January show were wonderful for shade; Sara will be bringing a large tarp to put over the frame at Stenersons and we will leave it there permanently.

Other News:
– We have a fun participation prize planned for the two-day show. Stay tuned!
– Please don’t forget to sell your raffle tickets.
– We are continuing to pursue sponsorships. Daniel is sending a couple of leads to Sara.
– Speaking of Daniel / Stenerson Ranch: If riders want to day board their horses at the ranch, they can do so at Stenerson for $14/night, which includes bermuda and alfalfa feed. Also, any Mudslinger members who want to practice on Wednesday nights at Stenerson Ranch for their timed barrel and pole nights will get half off ($10 instead of $20 for unlimited runs). Stenerson Ranch also has three hook-ups for Living Quarters trailers and can hook up for free for a maximum of two days for shows.
– And don’t forget to REGISTER for the February show!

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