SD County Fair Photos

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Ready to see some amazing photos from the 1st Annual San Diego County Fair CGA Show? Our photographers have sorted through literally thousands of photos to narrow it down to the top 800+ photos. Some of these photos have been cropped and/or edited for color, brightness, focus/blur, etc., because your photographers love you THAT much.

To order prints or a digital image, you can do so right on the SmugMug site, here:

To order a 2018 San Diego County Fair commemorative frame, please order directly from us here and be sure to indicate whether you want a wood or leather 8 x 10 frame, include the “Name” of the photo and include your Ship To information in PayPal. To find the “Name” of the photo, on, you click on the little italic “i” at the bottom of the page where you are viewing your chosen photo. Clicking the little “i” will bring up information on the photo, including the name (for example, DSC_2034).

Order the frame and photo here:

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