2022-2023 Year-End Award Standings

Gymkhana Events

Hey Mudslingers!

Here are your year-end award standings as of the April 2023 show (we’re mid-way through the season).

A few *important* notes:

  1. This list assumes that everyone on the list a) will have completed SEVEN Mudslingers shows by the end of the year, b) is a Mudslingers member and c) has fulfilled their volunteer requirement for the year.
  2. The list reflects a combined AA division. We split divisions after we have 14 or more riders in that division for three consecutive shows. We anticipate splitting division AA after the May two-day show, but since AA is currently combined, this is what shows up in our rankings.
  3. We did not “place” a rider in a division but are showing each rider what points they have across multiple divisions. At the end of the year, we will place the rider in whichever division they receive the highest ranking and best award. For example, Kayden will likely place higher in AAA at the end of the year than in AA, so we will remove her from the AA list and the rider below her in AA will move up a slot. Each horse/rider combo earns an award in one division.
  4. You’ll notice that in a few cases, riders have combined points from two or more different mounts. This happens when a rider has to switch horses because a) their horse has gone lame (for which we require a vet note) or b) because they were leasing the horse and it was sold and is no longer available.
  5. If you have questions, please ask!