2021-2022 Standings

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Hey Mudslingers! Here are your year-end standings as of the January 2022 show. Note that this will be the ONLY time we post year-end award standings to reduce the focus on competition and increase the focus on having fun and doing your best! Congratulations to all of you, as these numbers reflect some great riding and hard work.

A few things to note:

1) Riders will be granted an award position based on which position is highest. For example, if you’re 5th place in AA and 8th place in A, even if you have more points in A, we will give you the “5th place in AA” award. This is different than many clubs, which give you your award based on the division in which you’ve earned the most points. We figure you’d like to have the nicest award possible.

2) You may see your name in two divisions. This is just so you can see where you’re at. Keep in mind the note above re: you winning the award for the highest position across whichever division. You will receive ONE award (unless you’re riding two horses at six or more shows).

3) Leadliners are also eligible for year-end awards, though we do not rank them.

4) These standings DO NOT reflect any of the riders meeting the minimum of six shows or the volunteer requirements. Those will be tallied at the end of the year. So some of the riders listed may drop off the list if they’ve left the club or don’t meet the minimum requirements. Thus far, we’re listing everyone who has a 2021-2022 Mudslingers membership.

5) Below we’ve listed the overall awards standings. You will see three columns listing 2021 points, January 2022 show points and then the total. We had to do it this way due to a couple of issues. A) We had to use two different computers when our normal laptop went down. So we are manually (or rather the computer is) adding two sets of data for the final total. B) We had to go back through each show and re-categorize each rider as either 12 & Under, 13-15 or 16 & Over so that we could align points correctly given our new age split for Division A (12 & Under and 13 & Over). This may change some of the totals since the last time you saw the year-end standings, but this way we are consistent throughout the season. While we did go through and audit every single rider’s age in every show of the season, let us know if you spot an error. We’re happy to go back and review.

Thank you!