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Our Next TWO shows will be in June. Our first June show will be on Saturday, JUNE 4th!

About Gymkhana

Gymkhana is awesome. It combines horsemanship with sportsmanship, agility and speed for a whole lot of fun with friends.


Fees & How It Works

Here’s a primer on how the whole thing works and what you can expect to pay, whether it’s for a show or season, member or non-member.


Our Board

Our board consists of gymkhana lovers with a variety of skills and experience with gymkhana and organizational leadership.


Volunteer Program

To keep costs low and teach kids the value of service, we require a number of volunteer hours for Mudslingers members.


Gymkhana Resources

We have combined some resources in one convenient place!


Sponsorship & Donations

Our club is a non-profit club that thrives on volunteers, donations, and sponsorships. 


Join the Mudslingers for the 2021-2022 season open to all ages and levels

Save the date! This year we’re kicking off with our first show on Saturday, September 25th. Whether you’re an experienced gymkhana rider or are just learning, contact us for more information on how to participate in any of our shows throughout the year.

All ages and levels are welcome, guys and gals. So get ready to get dirty and have some fun! Photo Credits: Christian Amezcua, Christine Benton, Amy McKenna

2021-2022 Season


September 25th

October 16th 

November 6th & 7th

December 4th

January 15th

February 19th

March 26th (CANCELED)

April 23rd & 24th

June 4th

June 18th

Registration & Directions

Most of our shows will be hosted at the gorgeous arenas at CRC (California Ranch Company) in Temecula at 34520 De Portola Rd, Temecula, CA 92592

June 18th ShowBecome a Mudslinger MemberRegister for CGA Membership

About Gymkhana

Gymkhana, or games on horseback, is an action-packed, precision sport that requires speed, dexterity and excellent communication between horse and rider. Events include a selection of 13 games or “patterns,” with riders grouped by age and ability. Gymkhana has been gaining in popularity in recent years, and we’re proud to be part of the California Gymkhana Association (CGA) as District #22.

Fees & How It Works

Mudslingers is part of the California Gymkahana Association (CGA). To ride in our shows, you must be a member of CGA (annual membership costs $30 for individuals, $60 for families). We also encourage you to be a member of Mudslingers (annual membership is $50) because you get reduced prices on shows. Show prices are below:

Most popular

Fee Schedule

  • CGA Membership (required): $30 individual / $60 family
  • Mudslingers Membership (optional): $50 individual / $75 family
  • Grounds Fee (required): $20 / day
  • Patterns: $6.50 for Mudslingers members / $8.50 for non-members
  • Set-ups and schooling runs: $3 (must pay grounds fee)
  • Jackpots (optional): $5
  • Stall at the Show (optional): $25 / Horse / Day

Our Board

Board Duties

Sara Krause-Whyte


Andrea Thill

Vice President

Brittney Burns


Christine Benton



Mudslingers Volunteer Program 

All of our Mudslingers pitch in to make events go smoothly, helping out in jobs that suit their age, ability and inclination. Volunteering includes announcing, time writing, arena setting and gate keeping among other tasks. Each Mudslinger is required to contribute hours by taking at least 2 volunteer slots per show. Family & friends can help them  meet their volunteer requirments.

Volunteer Info & Sign Up

Contact Us

Have a question or need more information? Please feel free to send us an email to: cgamudslingers22@yahoo.com. You can also find us on Facebook at the link below, or you can call or text the President, Sara, at (619) 843-3243. We look forward to seeing you at the next event!