October 2017 Two-Day Show Registration

Gymkhana Events

Glad you’ll be joining us for the two-day show in October! The following form is for those who are planning on attending both days of the show. If you’reĀ  planning on attending one day or doing a few events, please contact christinebenton01 [at] gmail [dot] com and we’ll send you a form separately. Payment information is given at the bottom of this page and once you hit Submit. Costs include $6 for each event (13 events) for Mudslingers members, $8 for non-members, two days of grounds fees (total of $20) and options for zero, two ($10) or four ($20) jackpots. Thank you!


Once you’ve submitted your form, you’ll see these payment instructions again. You can pay online by clicking here. Or, you can send a check to:

CGA Mudslingers
32109 Caminito Quieto
Bonsall, California 92003

Please note that the amount of your payment depends on whether you are a Mudslingers member. Here’s a breakdown of payments:

Two-day event registration, plus two days of grounds fees:

  • Mudslingers member with no jackpots: $98
  • Mudslingers member with two jackpots (Saturday or Sunday): $108
  • Mudslingers member with four jackpots (Saturday AND Sunday): $118
  • Non-member with no jackpots: $124
  • Non-member with two jackpots (Saturday or Sunday): $134
  • Non-member with four jackpots (Saturday AND Sunday): $144

For those who pay online, there is a small convenience fee to offset our PayPal expenses.

Thank you so much and we look forward to seeing you at the show!